Apr. 15th, 2008 02:24 pm
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I am not finished, and am planning a celebratory - these are ALL the boring details - post when I do, but for the moment, this is a quick shot of stays plus sleeves....


Jun. 10th, 2006 01:13 pm
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According to the school yearbook, "You must, you must, you must... " was the phrase that my 5th and 6th year most associated with me - which is alright.

I must, I must, I must do my costume homework. I have an ever lengthening list of ideas for things for me (petticoat and blouse to go with Otte's new sari; underdress for the green linen; Fret II; leather/fur bodice for Mara if I go back to LT...) as well as random things I would like to make for other people (black slashed leather doublet with velvet lace-on sleeves; late medieval fitted cote with half  circle cloak; fey huntsman's outfit; really well fitting linen shirts...) and one or two outstanding commissions (mainly, C17th/C18th suit in white wool with heavy embroidery - which MUST be done by September but also a little bit of barbarian kit)

So, a resolution. By Sunday evening, I will have finished the design for the C18th suit (plus the design for the embroidery) and have it ready to show the client - with prices. I will also have finished the barbarian waistcoat thingy - which is just a run around the edges with a suitable embroidery stitch and the sticking on of various patches and scraps. I've said I will, so now I have to. 

*goes off, looking resolute*
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Just once, I would like to get ready for a lrp event without inflicting some kind of costume related horror on myself. I prepared for Maelstrom by constructing the probably-not-worth-the-effort sleeved waistcoat of ten thousand despairs. For CP, I have decided to wreck a perfectly nice (if not perfectly period) green linen dress... After two hours of work, it is no better than it was, and slightly thready into the bargain. On the plus side, I looked again at the flag thing I made for Vollsanger and it looks OK - if somewhat plasticy. I am not a natural at silk painting, and overuse the gutta tremendously.

As far as commissions go, I have one pretty definite, and one semi-notional one. Giving up on NWO (bah - I really wanted to go - stupid transport, mutter mutter) means I don't have costume for that to do, which will free up time for other people's stuff.

I also read this again today... I plan to teach it to a class at the very first opportunity.


You ask what I think of your new acquisition;
and since we are now to be 'friends',
I'll strive to the full to cement my position
with honesty. Dear - it depends.

It depends upon taste, which must not be disputed;
for which of us does understand
why some like their furnishings pallid and muted,
their cookery wholesome, but bland?

There isn't a law that a face should have features,
it's just that they generally do;
God couldn't give colour to all of his creatures,
and only gave wit to a few;

I'm sure she has qualities, much underrated,
that compensate amply for this,
along with a charm that is so understated
it's easy for people to miss.

And if there are some who choose clothing to flatter
what beauties they think they possess,
when what's underneath has no shape, does it matter
if there is no shape to the dress?

It's not that I think she is boring, precisely,
that isn't the word I would choose;
I know there are men who like girls who talk nicely
and always wear sensible shoes.

It's not that I think she is vapid and silly;
it's not that her voice makes me wince;
but - chilli con carne without any chilli
is only a plateful of mince...


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