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I am in serious danger of finishing this project on time (well, on time on the understanding that one event late is practically on time, right?)
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I've been going on, off and on, about this green dress, and thought I would bore you with tell you about my progress.

I started with this:

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Ask and ye shall receive, in this case an intelligible shift pattern. Here's hoping this is the one true pattern that will make my days of elastication mere ghastly memories...
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While it is true that both cotton lawn and cotton lace take dye, it is folly to assume that they will take it at the same intensity. So one may end up with lace the exact shade of cream one was looking for, and custard coloured cotton.

Thankfully, I had kept back half the cotton (and was planning to dye the remainder black for another project), so there is no disaster... but you should have seen my face as yard after yard of custo-cotton emerged from the machine.

The lace, though , is just the perfect shade to match the undyed cotton... so I was half right. Kind of.
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The essay she is finished. Which is all kinds of good. Nest this weekend, which will be rain, tents, congenial company, green makeup and hopefully lots of napping.

Next week, the dress! My memories of the black mantua (and never will I cease to regret the crappy nylon lace I put on the sleeves - in fact, replacing that would be a Good Thing to do this summer) indicate that once I get started this should be a reasonable swift construct, and then a lot of obsessive hand sewing. I rather want to turn up the hem by hand - which will doubtless make me grateful for the paltry amount of fabric in the skirt. And if I pipe the neckline I want to put it in by hand too - my machine applications of piping tend to the unsatisfactory. Honestly - I could save myself SO much work if I were a more competent machinist.
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I go now to cut the bodice.

I have the fear.

If I screw up it's not the end of the world because I can always do it in the black instead which I have lots of so why this fear?

I have the fear.

(I bet I can squeeze another half width into the skirt if I am mean with the sleeves)

Did I mention the fear?

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It seems like my life just now is full of plans.  Decisions made, I need to act on them. I need to stop planning and actually do something. So, I'm gonna cut and stitch the bodice of the green velvet dress... because once that is sorted, the rest of the project should be easy.

The plan )


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